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PAYMENT METHODS currently  agrees to the following payment methods for the products displayed on the website
The price, the payment method and the payment term are specified in each ORDER. VP AUTHENIC PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENTN SRL   will issue to the CUSTOMER an invoice for the PRODUCTS and services to be delivered, the CUSTOMER's obligation being to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice according to the legislation in force.

Payments can be made by cash on delivery or online payment by bank card.
  • Payment in cash on delivery:  It is made in cash, full payment, upon delivery of the PRODUCTS. In case of delivery of the ORDER through a courier company, the payment of the ORDER is made after checking the integrity of the outer packaging (box) by the CUSTOMER. Payment will be made directly to the courier company based on the receipt.
  • Online payment by bank card  - is made through NETOPIA (MobilPay). NETOPIA (MobilPay) is an online payment processor, managed by MobilPay. This payment method is intended for all cardholders issued under the Visa, Mastercard or Maestro in any currency.
To make the payment you will enter your card number, expiration date and CVV2 / CVC2 code (the last three digits written on the tape on the back, which also contains your signature). Cards issued in other currencies are also accepted. The payment will take place in RON, following the currency conversion at the Visa / Mastercard exchange rate and the exchange rate of the bank issuing your card.
No additional transaction fees are charged. does not request or store any details regarding your card.

For payment "online with Bank Card", the order is sent only after confirmation of payment.
Orders whose payment method is "bank card payment" will be processed with priority!
Careful! For customers who have uncollected orders for reasons attributable exclusively to them, payment can be made online with the Bank Card, by Cash Deposit in Account or by Payment Order.

ORDER STATUS DEFINITIONS  provides you with an online order information system, so you will receive an email for each action.

  • registered   - your order has been placed successfully
  • in processing  - your order is being processed
  • confirmed       - the order has been verified, the necessary documents for delivery will be drawn up
  • delivered         - your order has been taken over by the transport company
  • canceled          - the order has been canceled
  • returned          - the package was not picked up by the recipient and came into possession of variospigments
The possibility to cancel an order whose status is  "REGISTERED"  is available directly in the customer account, the "My Account" page in the "Orders" section. By clicking on the "VIEW DETAILS" button and accessing the order details page you can cancel it by clicking on the "CANCEL ORDER" button located under the "TOTAL PRICE" section. 
If the BUYER wishes to modify or cancel an ORDER whose status is: "PROCESSING" or "CONFIRMED", he can contact the Customer Relations Department by email at: or by phone, in the interval hours 8.00 - 17.00, at the telephone number:     +40725140514

An order whose status is "SHIPPED" can also be canceled by telephone, provided that it is NOT yet taken over by the courier company. In case the package has left the headquarters of  various pigments , the CUSTOMER has only the possibility to return / refuse the order.

An order that has not been picked up will have the direct consequence of applying a positive balance to the customer's account. The value of the balance is equivalent to the cost of the return transport mentioned by the customer in the order form. A customer who has not placed an order will always have, as a future agreed payment option, the advance payment (bank transfer) of the desired products.
Canceled orders remain visible in the history