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Delivery policy

VP AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT SRL   will deliver the PRODUCTS within the terms mentioned on the ONLINE STORE for the ordered PRODUCT, on the date of generating the ORDER or within 30 days from the date on which the CUSTOMER generated the ORDER, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. 
If it cannot execute the CONTRACT due to the fact that the PRODUCT or service is not / is no longer available, the COMPANY will inform the CUSTOMER about this unavailability, following that the amounts paid by the CUSTOMER for the unavailable PRODUCT or service will be reimbursed within maximum 14 days.

In case the delivery terms cannot be observed,  VP AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT SRL   will notify the CUSTOMER regarding the estimated term of completion of the delivery.
If  VP AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT SRL   receives wrong  information related to the invoicing or delivery of the PRODUCTS,  VP AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT SRL may refuse to honor the delivery, without this being considered a violation of the CONTRACT, or may set a new deadline for honoring order.
THE PRODUCTS sold by  variouspigments  can be delivered Worldwide, using the delivery method and term chosen by you when placing the order. After sending the package, you will receive a notification email about the new order status.

All orders placed from Monday to Friday between 00:00 and 14:30 are shipped on the same day, except for public holidays and Black Friday promotion periods.
Orders placed after 15:00, on Saturdays and Sundays or on days off by law will be operated and shipped the next working day. 
In case of several orders placed on the same account, we need telephone confirmation to be able to send the packages. 
In rare cases (high-impact promotions, Black Friday, unforeseen events) order processing may take longer due to the large volume of packages. However, the processing of confirmed orders cannot exceed 14 days. Processing of orders that include PRODUCTS whose stock has been incorrectly reported by our ecommerce platform or those placed by users who could not be contacted by our company's sales advisors, will be postponed until the situation arises.

The transport of the products ordered on various pigments is done through the companies that offer fast courier services, partners such as TNT and Fan Courier.
  • The standard delivery rate is 18 lei for orders via TNT, for Romania Country.
  • The delivery term is generally a maximum of 2 working days from the moment of sending the package in the localities located in the coverage area of the partner courier company and a maximum of 10 days for the localities that are not in the coverage area. These terms may be exceeded in certain cases such as promotion periods (Black Friday, Christmas Discounts, Easter Campaigns, etc.) or periods when the roads are impassable (floods, heavy snowfall, etc.).
  • Delivery is made in Door to Door system (the package is delivered directly to your home).
As a restrictive measure for CUSTOMERS who do not pick up the ordered PRODUCTS, we reserve the right not to ship new orders without their payment being made in full in advance.
In case the CUSTOMERS who have non-picked orders want to order products with payment in the refund system, they will have to pay in advance the value of the next order plus that of the round-trip transport for the previously non-picked order. Subsequently, the payment option in the refund system will be available again at the end of the orders.
For additional information you can contact us at the phone numbers  0725140514 or by email at  . 

We have a wide range of pigments and we are proud of their quality and beauty, a fact confirmed by all our customers.